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Daisy Pepper Custom Bass Picks

Daisy Pepper Custom Bass Picks

What you get:

3 Daisy Pepper custom Tree Picks

Daisy designed a pick in a triangle shape, made of purple heart wood, that has her name on one side and custom logo on the other side. 

"My signature Tree Picks bass plectrum is the perfect balance of bass tone. It gives your bass that extra kick, but maintains that brighter tone you strive for when using a pick. Made from my favourite purple heart wood, it is comfortable to hold and is super durable. Perfect for both gigging and studio work." - Daisy Pepper

Daisy Pepper is a session bassist based in Hertfordshire, UK. Daisy specializes in Rock and Metal, but is a versatile player and can adapt to other genres. Her influences comes from bands such as Muse, Deftones, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings Of Leon and The Killers.

At 19 years old, Daisy started sharing her musical journey on social media, and since then has managed to gain tens of thousands of followers and millions of views across various platforms.

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Daisy Pepper's website:

 ***Shipping details:

Tree Picks is based in Calgary, Canada. Daisy's picks are made and ship from Canada. If the order is being shipped outside of Canada or the USA, please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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