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Logan and Nathan

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Vancouver-based duo Logan and Nathan invite you to a tender freak-folk dance of early love and passion. The couple's music meets at the confluence of Nathan Turner's west coast salt-water swagger and Logan Thackray's wild Rocky mountain meltwater. Guitar and banjo duel, vocals are shared and swapped, and lyrics are filled with intimacy, longing, and critical thought. 

     Logan's voice is unique. It floats airily along, pulling you up into the clouds to survey their evocative lyrical landscapes. Nathan's voice is the perfect counter. With initial strength, it trembles over the uncontrollable goosebumps erupting through the couple’s energy. Accompanied at times by drums, keys, viol, violin, cello and saxophone, their sound shimmies along the border of folk with influences of jazz syncopation and soul. 

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Logan and Nathan


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